Universiteit Gent Belgium Scholarships, Courses detail, and admission 2023-2024

Universiteit Gent, or Ghent University, is a leading research university located in the historic city of Ghent, Belgium. It offers a wide range of programs in various fields, including arts and humanities, business and economics, engineering, law, medicine, and science.


The university offers several scholarships to international students, including:

  1. The Master Mind Scholarship: This scholarship covers the tuition fee and provides a monthly stipend to eligible international students studying a Master’s degree program at the university.
  2. The Ghent University Doctoral Scholarships: These scholarships provide funding for international students pursuing doctoral studies in all disciplines at Ghent University.
  3. Erasmus+ Scholarship: This scholarship is available to students from European Union countries and covers expenses related to study abroad, including travel, living expenses, and tuition fees.


Ghent University offers a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs across a range of disciplines. Some of the courses offered include:

  1. Arts and Humanities: History, Languages and Cultures, and Philosophy.
  2. Business and Economics: Accountancy and Finance, Business Management, Economics, and Business Engineering.
  3. Engineering: Bioengineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.
  4. Law: European and International Law, Business Law, and Social Law.
  5. Medicine and Health: Biomedical Sciences, Dentistry, Medicine, and Nursing.


The admission requirements and process for Ghent University depend on the program you are applying to. Generally, you will need to provide the following documents:

  1. A completed application form
  2. Official academic transcripts
  3. Proof of English proficiency (for non-native English speakers)
  4. A personal statement or essay
  5. Letters of recommendation

Deadlines for applications may vary depending on the program, so it is essential to check the university’s website for specific dates and requirements.

In conclusion, Ghent University is a highly regarded research institution that provides excellent scholarship opportunities, diverse courses, and a supportive academic environment for international students who want to study in Belgium.

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