About Us

About Us

Welcome To Scholarwap.com!

Scholarwap.com is the Platform where you will mainly find all study helping materials such as Projects, Books, Past-Papers, datasheets, and all board results.

Who We Are?

An adaptive education platform was shown to significantly boost students’ grades with personalized notes and recent result updates. We are also trying to cover up the challenging issues of each student regarding; focus learning, study engagement and maximizing student efficiency. Our platform helps students to create a compassionate and sustainable future.

Our educationalist mentors help the students to enhance their skills while at the same time, they provide complete notes and paper-solving techniques and tips. The best part of our platform is that you can get every single thing from notes to exam dates from the comfort of your own home. Moreover, the cost of hiring tutors is cut, thus our main aim is to make education extremely cheap and effective.


Our main aim is to make sure that every student, parent, teacher, and administrator gets access to the required education information in a free manner. With the help of this platform, parents and students can get better information about exam date news, and eventually, the students get more support from the comfort of home to attain good results in exams.


Our Digital education platforms provide several benefits to students and teachers by providing learning resources to support and motivate independent students. Additionally, our online education platforms let students the opportunity to replace the need for textbooks with a wide range of online notes resources.