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Are they looking for Masters’s Scholarships in Sweden? Applicants are encouraged to apply now for Halmstad University Scholarships 2024. Halmstad University offers various scholarships to international and domestic students to support their studies. These scholarships may cover tuition fees or provide financial assistance for living expenses.

Each year Halmstad University offers a number of scholarships to students from outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland with the requirement to pay tuition fees. These scholarships can be awarded to students in any field of study applying to our Masters programs at Halmstad University.

The Halmstad University Scholarship covers 25% or 50% of the tuition fee and will be deducted from the tuition fee. The scholarship will not cover living expenses and no grant for family members.

About Halmstead University

Halmstead University, established in 1983, is a leading public institution of higher education. It offers a diverse range of Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in various fields of study. Additionally, the university is known for its Ph.D. programs focusing on information technology, innovation science, and health and lifestyle research. Often referred to as an innovation-driven university, Halmstad engages in teaching and research in various disciplines. The institute boasts of a comprehensive selection of reputed training programs. Currently, it serves 11,411 students, employs 49 faculty members, and hosts 82 research students. The acceptance rate for Halmstad University is 75 – 80%.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Apply for a master’s program at Halmstad University through University Admissions.
  • Pay the application fee required for admission to the university.
  • Eligible applicants for the scholarship will receive an email containing a link to the application form on March 2.
  • Complete the online scholarship application form by the deadline of March 11. You will need your application number from University Admissions.
  • Scholarships will be awarded based on academic achievement (GPA, university ranking) and English proficiency.
  • Preference will be given to applicants who have selected a Halmstead University program as their first choice.
  • Scholarship recipients will be notified by email in early April.

How to Apply for Halmstead University Scholarships!

To apply for scholarships at Halmstead University, you will likely need to submit an application that includes details about your academic achievements, personal statements, and sometimes financial information. Be sure to carefully read and follow the instructions on the university website or in the scholarship application guidelines.

Apply for one of our master’s programs in university admissions and pay the application fee.

  • Only applicants who qualify for our Master’s programs and are eligible for a Halmstead University scholarship will receive an email with a link to the online application form.
  • Fill out the online scholarship application form. Please note that you must provide the application number you will receive from University Admissions.
  • The committee will award scholarships based on the student’s academic merit (GPA but also previous university rankings and proficiency in English). No consideration will be given to work experience or the student’s financial situation.
  • Applicants with a Halmstead University program as their first choice will have priority in nomination.
  • Halmsted University will notify scholarship recipients by email after the first notification of selection results at the end of March.
  • Recipients will receive a letter of scholarship nomination and a receipt with the deductible scholarship amount. The scholarship must be accepted or rejected by the deadline specified in the nomination letter.
  • Students who are not offered a scholarship will not be notified individually. You have not been awarded a scholarship if you receive a receipt with the total tuition fee amount.
  • The application period for the scholarship for study beginning in the fall of 2024 was between March 8 and March 15. Halmstead University has notified scholarship recipients via email.

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