Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. Scholarships from the Government of Romania – 2023

Every year, the Romanian government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, offers a number of scholarships to citizens of non-EU countries. Only candidates with good academic results, or the average of the years of study in the most recent school from which they graduated, at least 7 (seven), according to the Romanian scoring system, or “good score” as the case may be. . Yes, they are eligible.

Level of Study: Bachelor, Masters, and Ph.D
Deadline: March 1, 2023

The results of the scholarship selection process will be announced on 15th July 2023 through email to every candidate who applied for the scholarship.


To be eligible, scholarship applicants must:

  • Submit a complete file;
  • Present study documents issued by accredited/accredited educational institutions in the country where they were issued.
  • Comply with enrollment deadlines;
  • Have good results in education, according to the scoring system in Romania or “good” score, for the last graduate school of at least 7 (seven), respectively, the average of the years of study.


  • Exemption from payment of registration fees or any other fees required for application processing, Romanian language skills testing, entry competition for doctoral studies and specific aptitude tests;
  • Financing of tuition costs for the Romanian language preparation year;
  • Funding of tuition costs for actual studies, but not longer than the duration of the university cycle, followed by the program of study;
  • awarding monthly scholarships for students enrolled in the preparatory year of the Romanian language;
  • Award monthly scholarships for students enrolled in bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral studies, but not longer than the duration of the university cycle;
  • Financing of accommodation costs in student hostels within the allocated subsidy provided by the budget of the Ministry of Education;
  • medical assistance in case of medical-surgical emergencies and diseases with local-epidemic potential, in accordance with the legislation in force;
  • Exemption from payment of study visa fee.

How to submit application files?

Scholarship applications can only be sent through the Study in Romania platform.

Candidates can access the platform at, through the Apply for MFA Scholarships button, or directly through the button below. The platform can be accessed in both English and French.

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